Robot and Human simulation

Improve workplace design - improve productivity.

Our extensive experience in simulation and modeling of production stations will guide you on the path to productivity, safety, and efficiency.

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Production process Simulation and Analysis

Robotic Simulation and Offline Programming

Robotic Simulation and Offline Programming

Robot programs can be prepared and fine-tuned prior to actual deployment, saving both time and money. We can assist you in this process. Check for collisions, optimize robot paths, and verify robot programs in accurate simulation.

Human Simulation and Ergonomics

Human Simulation and Ergonomics

Improving the ergonomics of manual workplaces pays off! A safe and well-organized workspace leads to higher productivity. Proper design of manual tasks prevents occupational diseases and reduces worker turnover.

PS Robots

Robotic Simulation in TX Process Simulate

Tecnomatix Process Simulate is the best software on the market for robotic simulation and offline programming. Use robot models with real controllers and accurate 3D models to check for colisions, simulate cable behavior, and design or optimize robot paths.

Human Simulation

Human Simulation in TX Process Simulate

Tecnomatix Process Simulate offers a wide range of tools for human simulation and ergonomics. Use in-build posture, reach, and clearance analysis such as NIOSH, RULA or OWAS to design or optimize manual workstations.