Teijin Success Story

Finding production Bottleneck

Teijin, a proven manufacturer of highly-engineered products for automotive segment, was facing a challenge of unsufficient production capacity. Using simulation we uncovered bottlenecks of production line and enabled our customer to speed up the production process.

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Teijin Success Story

What is the real line bottlneck?

With a goal of increasing productivity of line for car parts a new robot was added to the line. But was it the right decision? We used simulation to uncover the real bottleneck of the line and to assess the impact of the new robot on the line.

Plant Simulation
Plant Simulation

Our Solution

Digital twin of production process

Based on data measured directly on the production line, we created an accurate 3D simulation of the process and conducted the process analysis. This analysis included assessments of line production capacity, utilization of robots and provided a detailed visualization of the actual process on the line both before and after the introduction of the new robot.

Value Delivered: Profitable Insights for Our Client


Bottleneck identification and process optimization


Financial analysis of the investment


Robot utilization analysis