Onsemi Success Story

Designing optimal micro-logistics for semiconductor production

We found the optimal micro-logistics approach for the silicon wafers production line. In this high-tech industry, every produced part counts!

Silicon Wafers

Onsemi Success Story

Is it worth to replace manual logistics with complex automatic conveyor system?

Would a combination of manual transport and a simpler conveyor system be a better option? What would be the needed conveyor capacity to supply all machines in time? And what happens if part of the conveyor fails? Will there be a viable emergency supply strategy? These and many other critical questions had to be answered for our customer from Onsemi, one of the largest manufacturers of chips and silicon wafers in the Czech Republic.

Plant Simulation
Plant Simulation

Our Solution

Digital twin of logistics

Based on the provided data, we created an accurate 3D simulation of the production line and its logistics using software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. This digital twin of the line allowed us to flexibly and automatically test and compare various micro-logistics concepts.

Value Delivered: Profitable Insights for Our Client


Optimal logistics concept


Line balancing


Operator utilization analysis


Work in progress (WIP) optimization


Warehouse capacity dimensioning

Digital twin allowed us to find the best logistics concept without the need of physical deployment.

By exploring "What-if" and critical scenarios, we gave our customer foresight for future events.

The clear 3D vizualization enabled us to spot hidden probems of proposed concepts.