Daikin Success Story

Designing a safe workplace

Daikin, a leader in HVAC and refrigeration, aimed to enhance safety and ergonomics at challenging manual workplaces. Through human simulation, we precisely evaluated the situation and suggested specific measures to reduce injury risks and improve the work environment.

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Daikin Success Story

How to find the right workplace design to fit all operators?

As the pace on the line increased, it became clear that the workplaces would not meet required standards of safety and ergonomics. But how should the workplaces be correctly adjusted to be safe for workers of various sizes throughout the entire shift and for all required tasks?

Plant Simulation
Plant Simulation

Our Solution

Human simulation

Based on 3D and motion capture data provided by the client, we created a Human simulation of problematic tasks. In compliance with Czech work categorization laws, we evaluated proposed changes to manual assembly stations and provided a specific recommendation for the workplace design change to meet the required safety standards.

Value Delivered: Profitable Insights for Our Client


Work categorization compliance


Cost optimization


Ergonomics improvement

Project Feedback

What our client says about us

“In collaboration with Factorio Solutions, s.r.o., ergonomic analysis of selected workplaces was conducted using the Tecnomatix Process Simulate Human simulation program. This analysis identified previously undetected risk positions by evaluating muscle and posture-related risks. They also proposed modifications to enhance workstation ergonomics. The findings were instrumental in designing a new assembly line and training operators to follow process steps correctly, preventing potential health issues.”