Continental Automotive Success Story

Creating a digital twin of production

We created a detailed digital twin of the production and complete intralogistics for the newly emerging production hall for Continental Automotive Brandýs, specialists in the manufacture of automotive electronics.

Continental Automotive

Continental Automotive Success Story

Intelligent planning of complex processes

Is there enough space for AGVs to supply material and is the optimal number and ratio of AGVs/Operators? How much material should be stored on the shopfloor and how much space do we need for it? What is the best way to utilize space inside preparation room? What is the optimal batch size? These and many other critical questions had to be answered before the production in the new hall reached full capacity.

Plant Simulation
Plant Simulation

Our Solution

Digital twin of production and logistics

Utilizing Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software, we developed a precise 3D model of the H6 hall and its logistics. Given the dynamic nature of automotive parts production, flexibility is key, making a single analysis inadequate. We equipped the customer with a versatile model, that is designed for easy modification of production variables. We incorporated automated analyses and reporting for easy scenario testing and production adjustments.

Value Delivered

Flexible and accurate automatic analyses for in-house use


Storage space analysis


Bottleneck analysis


Operator utilization analysis


Empty packaging and waste analysis


Glue consumption analysis